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How it works

Here is a simple explanation of the path from the signed contract until the building is completed. The description applies to buildings that have been finished externally with internal lightweight walls, ceilings and floors as well as a fitted kitchen and a tiled bathroom. If you buy a building kit, fully assembled exterior or electrician-ready home, if you only take over the elements of the building kit or an assembled raw building, and organize the rest yourself, the result will be the same anyway: your own home – and more time to be with family and friends!

Placing of building

In collaboration with us or your own architect, you decide how the building should be placed and located on the plot. Consideration must be given to measuring, light conditions and the site’s terrain when the building is placed in the situation plan. This forms the basis for the building application, which must be approved before the building can be erected.

Building permit

The paperwork is started and neighbor notices are sent to affected parties. The deadline for commenting on neighbor notices varies from country to country. At the end of this deadline, the building application is sent to the municipality for processing a Building permit.

Production & delivery

When building permission is granted, production of the building begins with all the elements, wall, floor partition and roof. The ready-made building kit is then loaded onto a car and delivered to the agreed place at the agreed time.

Excavation and foundations

Before the building kit is assembled, the site must be prepared and the foundation poured, which the customer provides. How much work this entails is highly dependent on ground conditions and topography. These factors are also decisive for the type of foundation chosen. Today, most buildings are mounted on slabs, but strip walls, ring walls and columns can also be used. During this work, water, drainage and electricity supply are also prepared.

Assembly, exterior work

Then the building must be erected! The elements that make up the largest part of the raw building are assembled with a crane truck, then external cladding, windows and doors are installed, followed by gutters and downpipes before the outer roof is applied. Short construction time is an important factor for the best possible quality of the finished building. Our experienced assembly team has extensive experience and knows their trade.
After the building is finished externally.

Interior work can begin

Inside, start by installing light walls and preparing for technical subjects such as pipes, ventilation and the electrical installation. When this has been done, the interior walls and ceilings can be covered and the floor can be covered with parquet or laminate. Since water pipes and electrical systems are hidden in the walls, the work must be coordinated between carpenters, plumbers, electricians and tilers.

Assembly of installations

Assembly work is done at the end. Kitchen and bathroom fittings, wardrobes and stairs. The final installations is interior doors and entrance door..

Completion and preparation for delivery to the customer

We go through the building and ensure that all details are in place before the Takeover