Venera Holiday

Our best selling holiday home

 Spacious open plan that connects first and second floor with large windows in front to capture the nature outside. Option to extend the length with 2 meters and raised ceilings in second floor. Enjoy the nature outside at the overbuilt terrace that gives shelter for wind and rain. Option to upgrade to a permanent residential house, contact us to find out more.

Unit Detail


Our floorpans is adjustable to suit your needs as long as they don’t interrupt the supporting construction walls, contact us with your ideas and plans.

First floor

Enter through a spacious hallway for its size with bedrooms to the right and a combined living and kitchen area to the left. The bathroom could be equipped with a bathtub and a washer with drier to the left of the sink. Utillity room under the stairs with hot water heater and fuse box, other things like a vacuum cleaner could also be stored here.

Second floor

By stairs leading you up to second floor , choose between option A or B, first option has a bedroom with a TV room with open space down to main floor, the other option is with 2 bedrooms and a WC with a closing wall separating first and second floor.